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I was busy filling some information into my computer when all of a sudden, I saw WITNESS KENPAUL OBIEKE standing by my right inside my living room. He beckoned on me to rise up and follow him and then he instructed me to switch off all our electrical appliances. As I was still wondering what was going on, he switched everything off by himself from the meter box by simply pointing at it. All of a sudden, he transformed into another person and the light of the glory around him was so much that as I tried to look but I fell down. As I was rolling on the ground, my son came and picked me up, saying to me that it was indeed Jesus that visited us. About ten minutes later, there was a thunderous explosion and my son wanted to find out what was happening, but I prevented him from going out. News reached us later that the transformer in the area has blown up destroying electrical appliances in the neighbourhood. Only our home was spared of the monstrous calamity because of the visitation of Jesus. In another development and another real life experience, I was woken from sleep. When I opened my eyes, I saw Witness Kenpaul. He was spotting a navy blue suit. He told me that some people were plotting to eliminate me and that I should be very careful not to fall a victim. He said part of the plan was to tie me down so as to prevent me from coming to church. He even disclosed to me the ring leader of the notorious gang planning to eliminate me. I told him I was too weak to stand up. He lifted me up and supported me with the two pillows on my bed. He advised me to have a hair cut and I explained to him that I have done that on the advice of my doctor. He then suggested that for speedy recovery, I would have to wash my head. Three hours later, when I opened my eyes, I observed that my head has been washed and that the artificial hair I fixed on my head was on the ground. There was also a basin of water and a red coloured sponge and soap inside the water. Even the pillow I laid my head on was soaked with water. You could see everything LIVE. Again the good Lord has visited me physically to demonstrate that He is very much alive. Finally at the last Muslim festival, I was poisoned with meat. One stranger whom I believe to be Jesus visited us and advised me to drink for seven days the blood of Jesus mixed with rain water and anointing oil. He said that on the last day, I will vomit the poison that was intended to afflict me with epilepsy. At exactly the seventh day, I vomited a big cowry that turned to a black lizard. As I tried to kill it with my son, the lizard made attempt to run away. At the end, we killed it and burn it. This is the story of my healing and deliverance and everything happened physically. So, I want the whole world to know that Jesus Christ is truly alive and can still be met today physically. As a matter of fact, one of the people bent on eliminating me has just confessed and died. Praise the Lord. Sister Irivbogbe Gbagada, Lagos

Despite being a pastor, life had become so miserable that I looked for death as the only way out. Things got to a point that I started doubting if prayer still works. As a graduate, I never anticipated I would go through such a harrowing experience even after answering the ministerial call. One day, I saw Witness Kenpaul on television talking about meeting Jesus live and tackling mysteries. I rushed down to meet him. On getting there, I bought his book ‘MEET JESUS LIVE’ and started reading it like someone truly hungry to meet Jesus. I never knew what to do next. It was as if life had come to an end. Even reading the bible no longer made sense to me. But on this particular night, as I was reading Kenpaul’s book voraciously, I fell asleep and in a dream, I saw a man in suit and I remembered the Witness saying that Jesus Christ can appear in any form. So I kept saying to myself this must be Jesus. To confirm it, a signboard appeared over his head and written under a white background in red was Christ. When I later met Kenpaul, he told me that my case has been settled. Within a week, an impossible door opened for me to travel abroad. I went to the embassy and was not asked a single question. Instead I was given not just a visa but a London residential permit. I am now enjoying life in London with just two weeks at New Zion. Praise the Lord. Pastor Okafor London, United Kingdom.

My husband pastors a large congregation and for the past five years, we have been searching for the fruit of the womb. We have prayed to the point of confusion and tongues have started wagging in our church. We have been to nearly all the hospitals including the best herbal clinics. The doctors will say one thing or the other each time. As this is a case bedeviled by mystery, it has defiled by mystery, it has defiled all kinds of solutions. Meanwhile, things have fallen apart in other areas of our lives, but somehow we met with Witness Kenpaul after watching him on television. We got there on a Night vigil. Everywhere was crowded. Since I am a shy person and not very comfortable with the crowd, I decided to remain in the car. My husband told me he was going up. As soon as he left I saw a man by the car telling me “SO YOU HAVE COME TO WHERE YOU WILL BE DELIVERED?” In decent haste, I ran after my husband. The man of God not knowing who I was grabbed me and each time he addressed my situation, I will fall under the anointing. Later he called my husband to bring his wife and it was at this point I was formally introduced to him. Then amidst the act of worshipping and singing: “God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost come down” the Lord Jesus stood in front of me and said to me: “I HAVE COME TO SET YOU FREE”. Mysteriously, that week I missed my period and that was how I became pregnant. At about the second month of the pregnancy, some group of people came and carried me from the bed I was sleeping to the toilet. They were forcing me in order to abort the baby in my womb. But the Witness appeared suddenly and scattered them with a decree that the pregnancy will stay for nine months till the day of delivery. Prior to this, I had undergone serious abdominal pain that was capable of inducing an abortion but the whole thing ended after the intervention of the Witness. Today, Jesus has turned my situation around and I am now six months pregnant. Praise the Lord. Sister Chibuike Surulere, Lagos.

The cancer of the breast and marine spirit attack seemed to have conspired to terminate my life. With my energy ebbing away and the pain taking its toll, I felt as if the end was near. At a stage, pastors became my closest companion after several visits to Hospitals and churches and after expending so much money, time, and energy on the problem. After some time, our worries heightened. It was as if I was not going to make it. As my condition worsened and my husband became agitated, the Lord connected us to Witness Kenpaul who assured me that I must live to testify of the goodness of the Lord. So after the man of God had administered the blood of Jesus to me, he gave me a particular prayer to pray which I did on getting home. That night, as I lay on my bed, strange things began to unfold. It was really incredible and unbelievable. A car suddenly appeared from nowhere right inside my bedroom. The two men who were the occupants of the car alighted from the car as if they were remotely controlled. They went to the boot of the car, opened it and brought out a brown new carton. With the same robot- like speed, they came to the side of the breast aching me. They opened the carton and brought out a brand new human breast and fixed it for me. When I asked them about the old one, they said that they will destroy it and they disappeared. This was the end of my torment and years of anguish. Today, I am singing a new song with a new life. PRAISE THE LORD. Sister Nwabuko Surulere, Lagos.

Glory be to the God of Witness Kenpaul Obieke who truly is God almighty. I have heard people speaking about miracles, but I never knew I could receive an instant miracle just like that. I came back from a night vigil only to discover to my chagrin that our properties have been thrown outside by the landlord who ejected us without giving any notice. And as if the landlord was trying to make a mockery of the living God, he challenged my God to provide us shelter if he is really God. We have been in this demonic house for the past four years. Within those periods we lost very many valuable possessions including a car. Naturally we were devastated by the colossal lose but there was nothing we could do, since we were not able to afford an alternative accommodation. Even then, my health suffered adversely and I began to seek for solutions. This was how I came to New Zion. Now with our properties thrown out and the Landlord still insulting and challenging my God, I immediately recalled the message on faith which the man of God spoke about at the night vigil. I remembered in particular the mystery Handkerchief which he blessed with a rhetorical question WHERE IS THE LORD GOD OF KENPAUL? Waving the mystery handkerchief, I cried out with holy anger and with every fibre of my being where is the Lord God of Kenpaul? At about 7pm, that same day I was walking down the street with my husband in search of where to sleep for the night. Suddenly a friend of my husband whom we lost contact with for years was driving past. The moment he spotted us he stopped and asked us where we were heading. After narrating our ordeal, he opened the pigeon hole of his car and handed over to us a bunch of keys to his two buildings and asked us to go and occupy any flat of our choice without paying any money. The God of Kenpaul has indeed proven that He is a God of instant miracle and a God of signs and wonders. Praise the Lord. Sister Onuoha Ojodu, Lagos.

Despite being a prayer warrior in my former church, life suddenly turned upside down for me and my family. The whole thing started the moment my wife’s younger sister joined us from the village. My business and that of my wife collapsed. My car packed up, and my wife almost lost her life during the third month of her pregnancy. We were confused not knowing where the attack was coming from. I prayed and fasted for days and still the problem persisted. I sought help from here and there and still no solution. I was totally frustrated. Our money started disappearing in thousands. My wife will keep some amount of money and it will disappear physically. We never knew a satanic agent was living with us. One day we saw the WITNESS on Television speaking on National and Family deliverance. Something in me told me to attend the crusade. At the end of the crusade, I sowed a special seed. I also collected the blood of Jesus and anointing oil. On getting home, I sprinkled them liberally all over our apartment. My wife’s younger sister started behaving very strange. One day she started crying. When the sister interrogated her, she said that since I started sprinkling “THAT THING” (Blood of Jesus and anointing oil) her whole body has been on fire. She confessed that our money has been handed over to a demon who has been working with her right from home. She said some strange people often appeared threatening to kill her. Brother Ebuchieoha [ Mende- Maryland]

After the testimony, the Witness summoned the 16 year old girl before the congregation. She came out quaking and making this open confession. HER ACCOUNT I have a demonic friend right from the village who orders me to do evil. Whatever the demon asks me to do, I do without hesitation. We have been working together until I came to Lagos. Then at the village, the demon used to be in the form of a woman. But on arrival in Lagos, the demon took the shape of a man. The demon has been using me to perpetrate evil against my sister and the husband. The demon said that I will die if I confessed or disclosed what we have been doing together. I am really behind all the evil that have befallen my sister and the husband. The demon even orders me to beat up the children. We came in contact in a strange way and since then, we have been committing atrocities and wreaking havoc together. Beatrice Benin City.

In the cause of her confession, we noticed that the girl was in the habit of saying “THAT THING” in reference to the “BLOOD OF JESUS” or anointing oil. She found it hard to make mention of these mysteries of the kingdom. She however promised to return the couple’s wealth and change for good after the Witness assured her that the demon cannot do her anything if she genuinely repents. The man of God spoke to her about the Love of Christ and warned her that if she continued perpetrating evil, she will perish, which is not the plan God has for her. After some days, it was gathered that the girl dropped a note for the sister and her husband claiming that the FIRE was too much for her. She has since absconded. As of the time of filling this report, she was said to have returned to the village. HOW THE ANOINTING OIL SAVED MY SON I have sold all my possessions including my buildings and two cars to save the life of my son who was dying from a strange ailment. We have been to everywhere you can think of, to no avail and yet my son was gradually wasting away. We are resident in Jos Plateau state, but in a dream, we were directed to New Zion International Ministries. A place we have never heard of and have never been to before. We had no choice than to undertake the trip, because for the past three years, my son had not been able to eat or to walk. He was like a skeleton and we have had to force some liquid substances into him so that he will not die. A man had been beating his chest that he will wreck me and waste my son and to prove that it was God that was directing the whole affair I was in another dream and I saw a bottle of anointing oil coming from the ground and a voice said, this is what will heal your son. So, immediately I got the anointing oil and after the application of the anointing oil, my son was completely healed. Now, he can eat normally and can walk without being aided. This Jesus is simply wonderful. Praise the Lord. Brother James Jos, plateau state.

I cannot help fighting back tears of joy as I come to testify of the mercy of God. My husband and I have been under satanic attack. We happened to be victims of Cobwebs covering us in the house. We have invited men of God severally to come and pray for us, still no solution. As a result of this, our lives were reduced to a point that we could no longer afford to pay the rent. Just then, we saw the Witness on Television narrating the story of someone that vomited cobweb which has been plaguing his life. Something in us told us that we have finally found the instrument of God that would deliver us from this terrible nightmare. As soon as the WITNESS visited us and sprinkled the blood of Jesus in our home, our cobweb ordeal ended automatically. What is more, shortly after that, we hit some big contracts in which we are to be paid in dollars. The whole thing sounds incredible but the hand of God certainly has located us. PRAISE THE LORD. Sister Obiorah Omole, Lagos.

My life is an amalgam of the surreal and the unexplained. One Night as I was fast asleep, I was injected. I woke up with nagging pain feeling rather confused. I took the blood of Jesus and applied it on the spot. A voice instructed me to remove the bedspread. I hesitated because the bedspread was not dirty and besides I have just changed it. The voice insisted that I changed the bedspread. Then I reluctantly obeyed. As I removed the bedspread I found to my horror a cat struggling to death with blood gushing out of its mouth. I raised an alarm which attracted the entire compound. We brought out the cat and set it ablaze. Since then, Christianity is becoming more real and life is having a new meaning to me. The blood of Jesus is really powerful. Sister John Ikorodu, Lagos.

I have been under series of demonic attacks since childhood. Rather than abating, the attacks seemed to have intensified with intemperate fury. I noticed that the attacks normally come anytime; anything good is coming my way. But during the ‘Seven Nights Covenant of Fortune’, I killed a big snake which has been tormenting me. I also overcame a “Mighty man” that has been blocking my progress. I saw in a dream a tree with the branches cut off and later it fell down. I later confronted the strong man and seized a film that he treasured very much. He pursued me and even sent the army after me. Instead the army took sides with me and started attacking him. Few days later, an uncle of mine gave me a mystery letter in a dream. And in real life, he was rushed to the hospital where he was vomiting blood and could not speak. I quickly sent my mother in the village a mixture of anointing oil and the blood of Jesus. The day she poured it in our compound, this uncle of mine died. I believe I am completely free from every demonic oppression by reason of the anointing and the blood of Jesus. Brother Enyinnaya Mafoluku, Oshodi.

We were neck-deep in debt and yet the hospital bills were piling up as a result of this terrible breast problem. My daughter suddenly developed some extra-large, hard breasts after putting to bed. We visited sundry places in search of an answer. As I was sitting in the vehicle all the way from Benin and heading to Luth where my daughter was dying, something asked me to ask a brother with a bible whether he was a pastor. The brother fathomed to know what the problem was; I then narrated my story in tears. At the end, he connected me to the place where mysteries are tackled with mysteries. I called the Witness on phone and he asked me to come. On getting there, he spoke to me about the blood of Jesus and what it has done to so many people under his commission. He said that the blood of Jesus is God’s red card to any situation. He then told me to go and give it to my daughter to drink together with the anointing oil. Thereafter, he asked me to report back for testimony. On getting to Luth, I told my daughter everything that transpired between me and the man of God. I then gave her the blood of Jesus to drink and the anointing oil to rub. Immediately she finished administering the blood of Jesus and the anointing oil two things ran out of her stomach and the two breasts physically; and the two breasts collapsed to normal size. That was the end of the whole torment and suffering. I have never seen anything like this. The whole world must hear this. It is incredible. We have lost all hopes and even the doctors have given up on my daughter, but how God has manifested His glory. Jesus is really wonderful. Praise the Lord. Sister Felicia Benin City.

Having been diagnosed of full- blown aids, I was left at the mercy of death stooling and vomiting. Since I got to that terminal point, I have been reduced to a mere skeleton. My husband brought me the blood of Jesus which I drank to my heart’s content: and the stooling and all terminal symptoms stopped. To God be the glory, I have recovered and I have since been discharged from the hospital. My husband, who has shared his testimony, took his bath with the blood of Jesus as directed by the Witness. As he was taking his bath, strange substances were coming out of his head which he was just removing physically with his hands. When his report was released from the test conducted on him, it was negative: death indeed has been swallowed up in victory and the grave has lost its power. Sister B Cement, Lagos.

For the past 22 years, I was made to do all sorts of things including worshipping idols in order to set myself free from Satanic bondage. And to compound my woes, my menstruation ceased for those 22 years. After I had gone everywhere and tried everything to no avail, I was finally brought to New Zion International Ministries where God met me in an unusual way. As the deliverance was going on right there, a certain swolling on my abdomen burst open and a tortoise- like object came out of my private part. Since then, I have received my deliverance and my healing. Praise the Lord. Sister Theresa Egbeda, Lagos.

I came to New Zion through a pastor friend after my business collapsed and my creditors were breathing down my neck. It was as if my whole world has crumbled. After giving me a rundown of my problem, the Witness placed me on deliverance. My business picked up immediately and I paid off the huge debt that almost ruined my life. Then one day, I sowed a seed of one thousand and asked the Lord for one million the following day. Like a joke, I received instant financial answer. Some men from outside Lagos came to my office the following day for supply and by the time we finished talking, they handed me one million naira. I was pleasantly surprised and I wished I had given more and asked for more. Praise the Lord. Brother Ezebube Egbeda, Lagos.

The enemy thought I was finished, after I was attacked with evil power. I was in the village for the burial of my sister killed by the same evil people, when I sat on a chair and I sensed pins entered my body. For the period of time, I could not urinate or excrete. I was dying in pains. No food could enter my throat and no hospital could help me. After the prayers here, I got home and as I sat down, the Lord appeared to me. All the while I was shouting and crying because of pain. As He stood before me, I could not see His face because I was sitting down while he was standing right before me. He asked me to put my hands on His knees and gave me a song to start singing. While I was singing He disappeared and all my body system changed. I called for bed pan and excreted big pins from my anus. This was how I got delivered and, for the first time I was able to take some liquid before other things. This has opened my eyes that spiritual wickedness is real, but more real is the Lord Jesus Christ, who has promised not to leave us like orphans. I am very grateful to God. I am now strong but before now I thought it was the end, as the enemies vowed to wipe us away. I thank God for raising Kenpaul at this time. And I pray that God will never leave him, but will continue to use him. The teaching on the appearances of Jesus even today helped me a lot. I looked forward to it and here I am testifying. Praise the Lord. Brother Amani Lagos.

Little did I know that the cause of my separation from my husband for 20 years was as a result of the mask the wicked covered my face with. I went through hell, totally rejected by my husband and children. While in this, I met somebody who introduced me to the man of God. I was in the service like every other person when the Holy Spirit took on me and started operation on me before falling under a heavy anointing. The Witness instructed the ushers to leave me for the Holy Ghost to finish His work. At the end, I got up amazed. On reaching home, my husband came crying and begging me to forgive him that he was out of his senses. He took me to the court and wedded me again, bought me a car and so many other things. My children returned to me all apologizing not to be themselves all those while. Today, my marriage which I have lost hope about is renewed and I am happy again. The strange woman has been chased away in disgrace. I prayed all manner of prayer and met all the men of God that matter within my reach all to no avail. But God has proved to me here that indeed nothing is impossible with Him. I give God all the glory, Jesus is truly alive. Sister Stella, Agbado

It was unbelievable the way this went. My mum, who was the one that gave three mysterious testimonies of how Jesus Christ came to meet her in the house in form of Witness Kenpaul, gave me the number of the man of God and asked me to call him concerning my Job situation. When I called the man of God who prayed and told me what to do that the Job is already mine. On the day of the interview, without any stress, the Job was given to me as if I knew the people before hand, unlike my disappointing experiences. I give God all the glory. Brother Ogbe Trinidad and Tobago.

I went mad all of sudden and began to behave strange. Series of attacks were on me before this and I had been praying. This is the much I can say. I understand that almost killed my children and almost ran away from the house. Something was making me to shout and make hell of noise. But after the first four days here, I regained my senses and today, I am normal. Those things I used to see, I do not see them again. God has put the devil and the enemies to shame forever. I praise the Lord who has done this for me. It was terrible what I have passed through since I got married to my husband. Thank God. Sister Destiny, Egbeda.

I never believe that I will count money again that belongs to me. I used to be well to do but all of a sudden, I lost everything I had after visiting my village and giving money to some evil people, thinking I was doing well. For years, I survived by begging even those I was not supposed to beg from. I met the Witness who revealed to me what was happening and told me that the mystery will be tackled with mystery not just prayer only. He told me about the Blood of Jesus, the anointing oil, the mystery handkerchief. These things were strange to me because I never knew they can be used in the way he explained it. Like one who was sinking and is ready to do anything to survive, I went into the whole thing. One night somebody with a mask came to me in the dream begging me to forgive him for contributing to my downfall. He told me that they were ten. After that, he gave me back some money saying that it is the money they took from me. As he was doing this a strong breeze came and removed the mask from his face, behold it was one of my uncles and he disappeared. Three days later, news came from the village that he was confessing and calling my name and saying all that he did, both what he buried in my uncompleted house. The same week, I picked up so much money. Business that I never looked for located me and after that I left for Germany. Brother Cliff, Germany.

I was even contemplating to take my life. Everything was upside down while friends all deserted me. I use to have so many friends, but at that point, nobody even came near me again. As I was somewhere and the man of God appeared on television and were talking about how Jesus Christ can still meet anybody today. He spoke about why he bears ‘Witness’ and not any title like Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, Evangelist. He said he is not against that but bears ‘Witness’ because of the commission given to him by the Lord to go and bear witness that He is alive today and can be met as in the bible days. I have gone to churches to no avail. I have done deliverance upon deliverance to no avail but the way he was talking caught my attention. He said that Jesus Christ owes us the responsibility to prove that He is not only alive, but is still doing good and healing those oppressed by the devil. He gave instances in the bible and even about the ones that happen in his ministry. I picked up courage to visit his ministry. As I came that day what I saw and heard made me to know that all hope was not lost. The next service as I was getting ready to come, somebody came to tell me that an old friend of mine came from Japan and want to see me. I went to the service and from the service I went to see him. He gave me #100,000 cash and told me to go and tell my people that he will be returning to Japan with me. This was how I left the country to Japan. I am now doing importation with him. Bro. Law, Japan.

I have always wondered what is wrong with my life? I have never succeeded in anything I laid my hands upon. Finally, I left school to join business and it was the same tales of woes. When I came to meet the man of God, he told me about some strange things about myself that got me more confused. Nevertheless, I went on with all he told me to do, bathing with the Blood of Jesus everyday with faith as I have heard other people’s testimonies. He told me that I will experience a divine visitation along the line. That I am two and the negative will be forced out for the original to manifest. One day, in the afternoon somebody just like me walked out of me, opened the door and left and I woke up from the bed surprised. From them on, all my doors of blessing opened. I started receiving favour from people who never wanted to see me. Indeed there are mysteries in this world. When I finally got to American Embassy for my Visa, it was so easy for me. The day I was leaving for America, I still could not believe that I was the one. My mystery has been tackled as the man of God will always say. Those who think all hope is lost should learn from my story. Today, I am the bread winner of my family. Before then, I was more of an outcast. The stone which the builder rejected has become the head corner stone. To God be the glory. Brother Phil, America.

The devil almost ruined my life with fornication, drinking and Bad Company. As a beautiful girl, men were after me, which I thought was good enough for me, forgetting that my body is the temple of God. But to God be the glory that made me to come in contact with the Witness through a sister on one fateful day. After the message that day which was as if it was personally meant for me, I saw that I must change or end in ‘had I known’. The scale fell from my eyes despite that I was even almost drunk before entering the fellowship. It was mysterious because I did not to want come to the fellowship. I was just coming back from one of the useless outings when the sister called me and I had to join the fellowship that day. When I saw the man of God, he told me certain things about my life and placed me on prayer and fasting. In the course of this, I had a trance for the first time in my life. My heart was indeed broken and God saw it. I was dying in sin and never knew what I was doing. I thought it was enjoyment. I never knew these men were being used with their devilish money to help in my destruction. In this trance, I saw a box and a white hand opened it. Inside it was dried bones and I heard a voice say, “Dry bones shall rise again”. Just the same time I regained consciousness and came to the man of God with fear relating to him the experience I had. He told me that the dry bone was me and that the devil had already closed my case. In other word, that I was finished but the white hand I saw that opened the box was the hand of Jesus and the voice was His declaring my resurrection. He warned me not to go back to the dirty way I lived that brought me to that state. He told me to follow Jesus now with all my heart, that that is the only way for me. But that I should thank God for showing me mercy and grace. I was shivering all over. From then my life changed and God visited me with a wonderful husband whom I am now staying with in America. As we left for America, first the Lord opened a business for me and gave me a house through my husband. I got settled and now follow Christ and Christ only. Sister Ngozi, America.

I saw the man of God on television in October, when he was announcing the Rehoboth programme for the year. He spoke of how the Lord showed him barren ridges, which meant people’s destinies that will explode as they come in contact with his anointing. He gave the vision clearly that he was watching over the ridges and a time of frustration because nothing was on those ridges, the Lord appeared with basket in His hand. He said the Lord threw the seeds and they got to all the ridges and grew and bore fruits. He said that destinies are going to be unlocked. Meanwhile it has taken years since every effort for me to travel abroad failed. I had spent here and there. My sister there had done all she could to no avail. At the middle of the Rehoboth, I got so much confidence that now I will make it. From nowhere, the door opened and now I am in Italy. I went to one of the sisters who helped me to keep my mystery apron to identify who I am. I had a very short stay so I want the church to know about my testimony. I have all the publications of the commission here with me and I’m using it to be part of the commission that has done this impossible for me. I will be in touch always. I wish New Zion is here. Bro. Mark (Italy).

Life became unbearable for us with everything apart despite my being a devoted Christian. Little did I know that my sister in-law who was brought to stay with us was behind it. My wife almost lost her life, our finance was crumbled totally and my car was wrecked up. I was into debts while my wife’s money kept missing mysteriously. One day, I saw the Witness on television speaking with unusual authority on a programme titled; “Operation Divine thunder” which was a national and family deliverance programme. I decided to attend as my spirit convinced me. I had tried all manner of fasting and prayer to no avail before this. I came for the programme and was really blessed. I took the Blood of Jesus Christ that was consecrated in the commission and started sprinkling it all over my house. On one of the occasions, my wife drew my attention that her sister ran out of the house and refused to come in. when persuaded to say why, she said that what I sprinkled in the house had been tormenting her with fire. She said that her body had been restless with headache, stomach discomfort and in fact with hotness all over her body as the power in her was troubled she went on to say that strange faces had been appearing to her threatening to kill her. Her confession includes the fact that she was operating with a particular demon who met her in their village and instructed her on things to do including siphoning our money, tormenting our children and had an agenda to kill my wife. She is brought here according to the instruction of the witness now. There is power indeed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Bro. Gabriel (Mende Maryland)

Thirteen years ago, I swallowed seven wraps of charms given to me for the purpose of protection, long life and prosperity, because of the terrible things happening in my life and family. Later I became born again, but never knew that these things were still in my body. I was told that the day I will die that those charms will be vomited which I should wash and give to anyone around whom I love to swallow again, despite my being born again and belonging to one of the biggest and outstanding churches, things were still going wrong, I was directed to come and see the Witness. My case was complicated even with ill-health. I was even diagnosed to have H.I.V. My career was nose-diving. When the Witness saw me, he said; Who are the people surrounding you? Before I could say much, he said to me, what did you enter into before now? I had to narrate my story to him. In the cause of my deliverance prayers, it was as if I was going to die. There was unbearable sensation all over my body, as if fire was burning me up. When I drank the Blood of Jesus Christ, all my stomach was rumbling and I was in terrible pain. I had to drive home quickly and rushed to the toilet. To my amazement and that of my wife and family, the seven wraps of charms that I swallowed thirteen years ago was excreted by me. There is power in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Ironically, this was not the first time I have taken the blood of Jesus Christ. Where I came from, I have been partaking in it but this was different. Glory be to God.

For years, one piece of land was a big concern to my family. The house our father started building in this land could not be completed. Any time money was invested on the building project the finance would disappear from the family. After coming to New Zion, seeing and hearing what God is doing for others including me, I decided to tackle the mystery as the slogan in Zion is. I went home with a bottle of the Blood of Jesus Christ and buried it in that land. To the amazement of all, the charms that were buried in that place by the enemies who were dragging the ownership of the place with us were mysteriously exhumed physically. The people that buried them started experiencing horrors and some were even at the point of death when I was called to come home. I however, sent a message that I would not go until I see the witness. It is marvelous in my sight. My life has taken a new turn and I praise God for that. Bro. Chukwuma (Surulere).

I was brought here when all hope was almost lost and death was steering at my face. My case was complicated and I had gone from church to church, pastor to pastor, and hospital to hospital to no avail. Through the printing of the book authored by the witness, my husband came to know Kenpaul. My case was about breast problem, marine spirit, attacks and stubborn enemies that defiled all medication. My husband spent money upon money and because of this; I knew almost all pastors that matter and could be reached. That blessed day, the case was at its peak and the Witness phone number was given to my husband to call him. He was having a programme in port-Harcourt and gave my husband hope that I was not going to die until he comes, that the case will end now. When I was brought to him and after drinking the Blood of Jesus Christ, I was given a prayer to say. As I got home, while sitting down on the bed and had done what I was asked to do, to my surprise, as in an open vision, I saw a car being driven into our bedroom, right to my bed side. Two occupants came out of it at a speed faster than a lightening, as if they were being remotely controlled. Watching them, they went to the boot of the car brought out a brand new carton, and came straight to that side of the breast that was under torment for years. They opened the carton and brought out a brand new breast and fixed it for me in the place of the old one that was problematic. I asked them about the old one and they replied that they would destroy it. My story has turned to glory. Only God knows what I have gone through with my husband over the years and my entire life has become a new song. Sister Nwabuko (Ikotun)

My house help took soup from a neighbour and mixed it with the one in my house. Unknowing to me, after eating it, I developed an ailment which defiled all medical remedies. In the course of this, one afternoon, after the witness came to me in a dream and asked me why he had not seen me in the church service for barely two weeks, I replied that I was sick. A stranger came into my house physically and instructed me to drink the Blood of Jesus Christ for seven days. On the seventh day, I vomited a cowry shell which was meant to afflict me with epilepsy. I thank Jesus for the power in His Blood and for that wonderful visitation. Sister Mercy (Akoka)

When the Witness saw me and my little son of about three years old he spoke of the boy being possessed of witchcraft powers. He went on to say some other things about the boy. I was surprise, but recollected how the elder one died mysteriously. The Witness later prescribed that the boy be given the Blood of Jesus Christ to drink. To my surprise he excreted a dead bird, the very bird the witness spoke about. Before that, the Witness said that I would see what they were doing with the boy. That night, I saw more than five hundred birds flying and my son along with them. I thank God for my son’s deliverance. Sister Tosin (Agbado)

I was sleeping on the bed when I was instructed to go and have my bath with the blood of Jesus. I refused to obey the voice, but the voice, persisted and finally I went to the bathroom to have my bath. I put the Blood of Jesus inside the water I was to use for the bathe. When I wanted to put away the bottle containing the blood of Jesus, the same voice instructed me to drink some of it and I obeyed. In the course of trying to start my bathe, a song came to my mind. It is a song in my dialet. It says “Npoagha ya ihukwu ga eme”, which being interpreted means “if I call His name, great things will happen”. I sang the song on and on, and from that to another one that says, “There is power in the Blood of Jesus”. The next song which says, “The Blood that conquered Satan” was what I was singing when I saw an angel came down from heaven right to the bathroom and stood at my right hand. This was an experience that I have never had its kind before. Later on, I saw a man on my left side and there was a shivering experience all over me. I looked up and saw a fair man on a white garment coming down gradually from an open heaven to the place I was, with the man and the angel. Before He finally came down, my countenance was changed completely. I was no more myself and the first thing He said to me was, “USE MY BLOOD FOR THERE IS POWER IN MY BLOOD”. After He has spoken to me, I asked Him, who are you my Lord? He answers “I AM THAT I AM”. He said, “I brought you this message to go and tell my people to continue to make use of my Blood for there is great power in my Blood”. He said this three times in a loud voice to me. He said also to me, “I POURED MY BLOOD on the cross for your sakes continue the usage of my Blood and all your problems will be solved”. After His speech, I looked at the angel as he continued waving his wings. I looked at the man on my left side and understood he was our daddy Witness Kenpaul who was shaking his head and saying “thank you Jesus” continually and I joined him in thanking Jesus too. The shivering was becoming much on me that I was crying under a very strong anointing which was moving me around. Our Daddy Kenpaul wanted to hold me as to help me and our Lord Jesus said, “Leave her, let her have the full impart”. At this point He disappeared and it was as if cold water was poured on me from head to toe and I went blank. When I recovered myself, I saw my husband holding my hand. Praise the living Jesus. Sister Caroline Nwigwe

Beloved of God and His Christ, these are few living testimonies on the Blood of Jesus Christ, too numerous to be written here. They are practical proofs that what many people drink today in their communion is taken not with understanding and faith. Moreover, the Witness who is among those all over the world with the grace of seeing, meeting, talking with Jesus Christ one on one, had the Lord put His Blood in his hand and was told to use it and raise people. All manner of testimonies have been recorded by this mystery. It is your turn to overcome the stronghold, by the Blood of Jesus Christ.