Witness Kenpaul Obieke

“Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth.
When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.” John 19:29-30.

Welcome to the day death died. Christ died for us to live His life. What an exchange? This message and the Blessings Holy Communion introduced here will definitely change people’s stories forever as they believe the Living Jesus that “it is finished”. Jesus Christ by His death shifted us in glory from curse to blessing. We are now under blessing not curse. You will be introduced to the Blessings Holy Communion Table meant for all to participate in by 6pm this Good Friday anywhere you are in this world. Once it is 6pm your own time, go ahead. A heavy weight glory and grace will be unleashed. Heaven is completely involved and the Living Jesus Christ will be there live as you participate in faith. Acts 1:3. Share this message with all and join faith with others in this love meal to feed and heal the full man. Christ did not say we should do this in His remembrance for nothing and must honor His Word as we do this in obedience of faith. Any blessing Abraham had is yours by inheritance in Christ. I personally do not see why a Christian should remain poor when Abraham was rich, healthy and strong bouncing for the Lord. Galatians 3:13-14. I do not see why after answering a child of God, you go tell hell when Abraham is in Heaven. By the special grace of God, I have seen both Jesus and Abraham and knows they are more than real as well as the covenant of blessing.

Jesus drank our vinegar-bitter life to give us His sweet-better- than-the-best-life. We are only better-than-best and no more bitter. Some Christians do not yet understand what it means that Christ died for the total man. That is spirit, soul and body. Sin, sickness, poverty and all worth nots, do not have residency in you any longer. You are to stand against them if they come because Satan can be crazy. The truth is that no matter the symptom of any sickness or disease you are already healed and made whole. It does not make sense that is why it is faith which is superior to your senses and satanic lies. Isaiah 53. Jesus became a curse for us all to be a blessing. He was made sin for us to become righteous. This is why your living in sin does not make sense at all any longer as a believer. With all praise and thanksgiving, we say glory in the highest to our everlasting King for the great grace granted us to celebrate another death and resurrection of Christ Jesus before Rapture. I will not forget to thank God for our partners in the fulfillment of the greatest mandate from Heaven. Be assured that the abundant grace of our Living Lord and Saviour will forever be there for you till eternity. Christ has promised to partner with you on earth and in Heaven your crown will be so star studded because of souls as we depopulate hell and populate Heaven. Stay strong in the Lord as we keep making Heaven rejoice in harvest of souls.

It is always very important for witnesses like us who by His grace only not our merit or power have seen Christ one on one to bear witness of His being not dead but alive.

” For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20.

When we talk about seeing Jesus live, it is not to boast our religious ego which have no meaning. Neither is it to show that we are better than others at all. To take glory of what grace has done is to keep appointment with disgrace. God resists or humbles the proud but gives grace to the humble. Our bearing witness will help the people of God to continue in the faith of Christ not religion. It will assist them to see the manifestation of His resurrection glory. Christianity is about a living person you are called to be like not dancing awilo or disco in the church. They now have one corner dance in the church cornering them to hell if they do not repent. Lord have mercy! Some Christians do not yet enjoy the glory of Christianity because they do not yet understand or appreciate what Christ suffered and died for them to be saved. If you do not sincerely appreciate your Salvation no matter what you are going through, you are romancing starvation.

On Sunday, I will share more on Jesus being alive and why people are not commanding His appearances as ought to now. The grace has been granted me to be a blessing to the Glorious Church that Christ is coming for that refuses His Gospel to be adulterated. Christ told be to different between the notorious church and the Glorious Church He is coming for. He said: “address My Church as The Church and others as churches. I have only one Church.” The notorious churches of today that are not in submission to Christ cannot be His wife. All over the world now we see buying and selling churches and pastors that have commercialized and corrupted the Gospel so much. They are busy trampling on Christ Blood. Crucifying Jesus all over again is not a matter to them but that will soon be the subject matter on the day of accounting.We must keep praying for the falling away Churches and ministers to return to the narrow path.

What is good about Good Friday was that our bad was turned to good. That is the Good News! Christ account was transferred to us and ours to Him. The death of Christ gave us a divine shift in every way forever. We are no more there where we were before He went to the cross. We have crossed over by Christ cross to God and full inheritance in Him. The foolishness of the preaching of the cross remains the power of God. We are no more slaves to sin, sickness, poverty and all the rest that the fall of man brought. We are now enveloped in the resurrection glory. Our place was taken by Jesus to give us His place in glory.

We are not just sinners saved by grace but new creation without past. Your day of being born again is your real birthday. That is the day you began to live. You are not a conqueror, you are now more than conqueror because Christ did it all for you. The book of John 3:3, described a born again person like the air, very unpredictable which makes it impossible for you to be trapped or stopped. Where were the hosts of devils and enemies when Christ resurrected? If death and grave could not hold Jesus captive who resurrected for us and with us, what gives you the thought that anyone can stop you? All that Christ did in His death and resurrection was done for you not for Himself. He is the Resurrection and the Life and never needed to die or resurrect for Himself for any reason. He did it for us.

On Good Friday, I am led to bless special Holy Communion Table for all who want to experience the power of “it is finished”. This is in my capacity as a living witness who Christ Himself ordained and commissioned to go and bear witness that He is alive. Your spiritual and physical needs were paid for in full and that made this day good. Jesus did not only die for us but is still at the right Hand of God making intercession for us right now. Wow! Sozo means total salvation package, saved, delivered, healed, restored,provided, blessed in every way. Get your Holy communion materials and pray this simple prayer of faith over it. ‘ “My Lord and My God, the Living Jesus Christ. I bring this Holy Communion materials before you in obedience of faith with thanksgiving. The Bible calls it the cup of blessing and I believe it is your Body and Blood. You said we should do this in your remembrance. Knowing fully well that your word cannot fail but must fulfill your purpose, I present this before you and ask for your supernatural activation. As I do this in remembrance of you, let all you paid for me be manifested in Living Jesus name.”

Let us share in the joy of your testimonies to God’s glory which is a must if you believe. Jesus is the champion of the world He won the victory for us by His death on the cross. The devil is already shivering. Hallelujah.

If you are not accessing what Christ paid into your account, it is a pity. You are no more a punching bag for the devil and His cohorts. Resist him and and let him flee. Any condition you are in now that is not bringing God glory calls for your holy anger by the faith of Christ. Never stop resisting the devil UNTILL he flees no matter any contrary report. The devil came to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus the mighty warrior, great in battle has come that you will have life more abundantly. Concerning anything Christ paid for, not even God can stop you because He does not contradict Himself. Impossible does not exist to him or her that believes in Christ.

When the Blood of Jesus touched the earth, graves opened and the dead came out and went to the city to be seen. Today, graves shall open for destinies to be manifested again in His resurrection power. Believing in what Christ has already done is your greatest access. Christ has died, you cannot be defeated if you believe. His most precious Blood is still speaking precious things today.

In this time that people are losing the fear of God in the name of false grace, run to Jesus. Every sinner whether in Church or the world is heading to hell fire. Read the word of God and repent genuinely now. Except you are born again you will perish. To be born again you must accept Jesus with repentance from sin. Jesus will never save you in sin but from sin. Any sinner no matter your claim has no place in Heaven. The day is coming when God will avenge the death of His Son. God hates sin because of what sin did to His Son. God does not hate a sinner but hates what sin does to a sinner. You can believe what you like but that will not excuse you on that day if it excuses sin. The holy God will punish sin and if you love sin that means you have chosen to be punished. I tell you, it will be more terrible than you think. Those who love sin hate God. Refusing to repent from sin shows you love sin and hate God. Jesus said the only way to show you love Him is to obey His commandments. If you love Christ you must hate what took Him to the cross and made Him suffer unto death. There is enabling grace that enables you to live above sin according to the book of Titus. Godly life is possible now because Christ lives in you as a born again. You are God’s temple not a club. Honour God with your body or life. Make Heaven your focus. God can sanctify the desires of your heart and make you live holy. If you follow what many are preaching today, you will go to hell eternally.

As a believer, anything you have not brought under “it is finished” is foolish. Christ has fulfilled His purpose of destroying all the works of Satan. You are to take your stand on the done deal. Contend for what Christ has already done by faith. You are already blessed. Activate your blessings by faith. Stop crying for the devil. You are not alone. Matthew 28:20. Jesus is with you right in that you state to make a divine statement. Do not fear, you will not be ashamed. God works by faith not sentiment. Enter your rest in what Christ has done and refuse to be arrested by Satan’s lies. Faith is about what you believe not what you see or feel. When it looks impossible, that is when to trust God more. The devil wants you to doubt Christ the Truth but believe him the liar who is the father of all lies. Can you imagine such nonsense? No single word of God or His promise in your life can fail. God says He is watching over His Word to fulfill it. His word is coming to pass. Believe Him! You delay yourself by unbelief. There are somethings that God programs to do at particular season or time. I know someone reading this message, it is your time.

God created you in one day and so no
change in your life is meant to take God more than one day to bring. None of your prayer will take God more than one day to answer if it is a prayer of faith because it did not take God more than a day to create you. This is a mystery.

Christ shed His Blood in 7 places. It was a calamity of the cross. He took it for the love of the whole world having you in mind. Yes, I mean you. Do you still live in sin after all these? Each time Jesus was flogged because of you, the skin pulled out. Some will be celebrating Easter still in sin. On Sunday, I will share with us what the Lord said about those who celebrate His birth, death and resurrection in sin. Also what happens when you celebrate His victory in holiness and faith. What Christ suffered on the cross and before the cross are so terrible that any genuine heart must hate sin if you know it. Some see what Christ did as excuse to live in sin. The price that Christ paid is too much for the casual Christianity of most of us. If Jesus did this for you, what are you doing for Him?

Accept Jesus and genuinely repent. Love one another as Christ have loved you. Forgive all that have sinned against you. Stop insulting ministers of God. Withstand any minister when he or she wants to bring poisonous gospels or doctrines that will populate hell and depopulate Heaven but do not abuse them. Be bold to defend the true Gospel in love. Stand up for Christ, you do not have anyone outside Him. Love the brethren and do not compromise. The people who passed on this Gospel of Christ did so with their lives. I always admonish serious ministers and believers to read Acts 20. If you deny Christ in this age that hate Christ but pretend to love Him what will be your end? The love what He hates and hate what He love, and yet call Him Lord. They will be you doomed forever. If you will stand for Christ, you will see how He will stand for you. Let the whole world hate you for His sake, that is a plus.

Recently everybody was talking about a little girl that refused to deny Christ at the face of possible brutal death. The irony of the whole thing is that many churches and so called Christians live in the denial of Christ and His truth. Some are trying to use the girl’s matter to score cheap popularity and publicity one way or the other. When you look into the spirit, you will pity this generation of Christians who deception is what they celebrate. Nigeria is at a terrible cross road. Politicians are busy discussing ‘deceiving allowance’. I have warned about a demonic blood bank beneath Aso Rock controlled by terrible looking blood sucking demons. They are ready to use a wicked or weak leader to sink this nation in blood. Any opportunity to them is okay. Enemies have surrounded the nation already. People are busy making noise. Churches and Christians should return to God in genuine repentance and pray earnestly. In every nation, the church has the authority and power to control things. Jesus has given the church all authority in Heaven and on earth to bind and lose with the backing of Heaven. I do not want to write what will make people fear but for sure only God can save this nation from what the enemy has concluded. The good news is that God is more than able. Herods, Pharoahs, Nebuchadnezzars, Goliaths and the rest are no threats to the Almighty Father God. Jehoshaphat’s testimony continue as far as there are wicked enemies. Pray for the peace of the nation and let God do that which pleases Him in His own way.

A believer that is Heaven bound has nothing to fear of course. I pray by the mercies of God that our Good Father God on this Good Friday by the reason of what Christ has done, will turn everything together for good. Power of resurrection will honor the Living Jesus today. Christ was resurrected by the glory of God and that glory is looking for someone today. If you are bound by any sin, this your day of total freedom. I was shocked when I was shown that most believers today are bound by the spirit of different lusts. Captives in the churches not yet ready for Rapture and whose worship do not go up but down. Secret sins, hatred, malice, envy, pride, strife and contentions, unforgiveness. The power of the blood of Christ cross will do something new for us to God’s glory in Jesus mighty name today. Welcome to THE DAY DEATH DIED. “It is finished.”


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